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А вам слабо?
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Игра в гольф
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Pebbles  (аноним)  17.05.2016, 10:31
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I definitely don't like a couple of the new updates. -Need to add the "view by" option back to the advanced search choices. Now I have to do 2 actions to view the newest videos first where before I could just choose that from the advanced options set.-The player control bar disappears to quickly. It's hard to pause a video in sequ
Dell  (аноним)  17.05.2016, 10:31
Оценка:  0
Brenda I admire you and your raw honesty so much! I sometimes read a blog and &##612;everything&88217; is perfect and ‘everything’ is wonderful and ‘they are married to their best friend forever’ and well…my life isn’t like that and I appreciate that other’s struggle just like I have and will admit to it.
Keyla  (аноним)  15.05.2016, 16:29
Оценка:  0
21cYes! Score one for transpacific psin-ychcess, again! Plus, I love giving someone the last push they need to experiment with something new food-wise. P.S. Agreed!P.P.S. Actually you commented on something verrry old, which made me smile, so it’s all good
Taron  (аноним)  14.05.2016, 13:25
Оценка:  0
Hi,Having a couple of problems with this. First I can't save the changes when adding the quotation marks (") after '.tne\Regis.erFo.t.\xe' in the target.So I took them out. But when running the file, I get the 'RegisterFont has encountered a problem and needs to close' error box, so no joy!Any extra tips would be massively appreciated.Thanks, Dan h
Cassandra  (аноним)  14.05.2016, 13:25
Оценка:  0
Friday was published in 1982. While I consider Friday a mapcersiete of feminism it dates to after the beginning of the feminist movement in the United States. This article features works that predate modern feminism and feminist genre literature to illustrate that Heinlein was the pioneer in the field. Friday does deserve its own article as it delv
Amberly  (аноним)  14.05.2016, 06:34
Оценка:  0
this is a smart man, and lucid. Good coentcning of the verses to their behavior. Now, if we can only get the mainstream media to publish this type of article. Only then will we be able to save our world.
Melly  (аноним)  13.05.2016, 15:03
Оценка:  0
Jacqueline,Thanks for visiting our humble blog. Glad your husband also agrees.You mention Hitler. Many churches openly supported Hitler — and in his day, Mahatma Gandhi was an apologist for Hitler.Some folks just never learn.Come back and visit again — you are welcome here.In Christ etl(naely,ExPrJack)
Leatrice  (аноним)  13.05.2016, 15:03
Оценка:  0
I’m having a little trouble with the math that suggests a 30nsemothi-g will soon be experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Unless we will all be living to be 120 years of age in this coming century, I think this is a little too optimistic. Age comes very quickly my dears. To borrow a phrase from Jim Morrison and the Doors, “No eternal p
Bubby  (аноним)  13.05.2016, 14:58
Оценка:  0
Hi! I&;7218#ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!
Elmira  (аноним)  13.05.2016, 14:50
Оценка:  0
Vija sasAo:tkitiktinai perskaiciau straispni. Aciu autoriui uz pozityva. Jau koktu nuo Rusijos propagandos, smegenu plovimo kokia Lietuva bloga, kaip joje neimanoma gyventi, kad neva vienintelis variantas- emigruoti bla bla bla. Bloga jau! Liudna, kad tokia propaganda veikia. LT nuostabi salis, visos galimybes dirbt ir uzdirbt NORIMA VAKARIETISKA a
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